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Paper / Bag Making  Machine

Printgraph Paper Bag Making Machines are designed to meet all your requirements of paper bags,both flat as well as satchel type (with side folding on both sides) made from kraft paper, glassine, butter paper and sulphite paper. The bags could be produced without printing and also with fle x o-printing in one, two or even up to 4 colours if so required. The printing and bag making is done in single process and paper bag is delivered complete duly printed.The machine is so designed that the paper bag making machine can be made to run simultaneously with printing unit as also separately as per requirement.

The machine is built to eliminate all causes of vibration and special steel gears are used for smooth running and longer lasting. Special rollers and ball bearings are employed for trouble-free performance. Simple mechanical brake helps continuous tension. Provided with side adjustment of + 5cms, the mill roll can be set while the machine is running. Jumping rollers remove and crease in the web and control smooth running. The machines are capable of producing bags of different sizes by changing plates and Gears, which process is very easily accomplished within just 15-20 minutes.

Description of Pages Bag Machines
• Paper unwinding unit with + 5 cms side register unit
• Longitudinal Gumming unit
• Tube forming unit
• Bottom cutting folding and pasting
• Delivery table

Machinery that built Benchmarks
Technical specifications
Technical details of different models available with power requirement / floor space etc.

Size of Bag

Baby Model

Medium Model

Standard Model

Any size from minimum                     

3 x 8 cm

4 x 10 cm

5 x 18 cm


26 x 36 cm

36 x 50 cm

50 x 65 cm

Web Speed
Depends on the
Quality of paper
and size of bag

400 bags per minute

300 bags per minute

200 bags per minute

Motive powers




Paper reels
Mill roll dia

76 cm

91.2 cm

101.6 cm

Roll width




Floor space

5’ x 10’ft

6’ x 16’ft

7’ x 22’ft

2 color fle x o
with printing

5’ x 14’ft.

6’ x 22”ft.

7’ x 26’ft.

For Printing
Motive power




If so required the above Machines can be coupled with one, two or even four color fle x o printing unit. The printing is done by means of rubber/polymer stereos, which are affi x ed on steel design rollers. Variable size printing is also possible on the machine by using rollers of different diameter.
For making different sizes of paper bags, requisite size plates (width of bag) and size gears (length of bag) are used keeping in view the demand of the customer. These are supplied at extra cost. One size plate and one gear are supplied free with the machine.

Optional Equipments -at extra cost
• Coupling arrangement
• Stereo press and grinder-for making rubber/polymer stereos.
• Counting Meter (mechanical)

Paper / Bag Making Machine

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