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Web Offset Machine

Web offset printing machines are ideal for printing single colour & multi colour newspapers, books, magazines & supplements etc. It takes care of multi colour printing with a wide range of modules that occupy very little space. It offers a combination of different print modules to meet a variety of needs. All in all, it offers sharp graphics quality and reduces wastage.

Advantages :
* Operator Friendly
* Easy Maintenance
* Inherently Flexible
* Flawless Performance
* Consistent Fair Print Quality
* Proficient & Timely after sales services
* Modular Construction for quicker changeover & makeover
Product Range :
* 4-Hi Tower Printing Unit
* Multicolor Satellite Printing Unit
* Mono Unit
* Stack Unit
* Half Page Folders
* Page Folders
* 1/8 Page Folders

4 - Hi Web Offset Machine

Standard Features :
* Swing down lever style ink fountain with over rides for ink fountain roller
* Dynamically balanced blanket and plate cylinder
* On the nose, slit or spring type plate lock-up system
* Manual side register system for both plate cylinders
* Safety Guards
* Centrallized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears
* Provision for printing 4/4 colors on both sides of one web, or 2/2 colors on both sides of two webs,
  or single color on both sides of four webs
* Heavy-duty timer belt drive for 4 stack units
* On the run manual adjustment for registration of 4 colors on each side of web
* Running Circumferential Register for plate cylinders
* Variable speed motorized dampening
* Optional Features Pneumatic On / off
* Clutch on either side of 4 Hi
* Bruhmist dampening system
* Infra red web break detector

Mono Unit - Web Offset Machine

Standard Features :
* Mono unit available in 4 models to give 8000, 16000, 26000 & 30000 CPH optimum speed
* Inbuilt reel stand
* Best choice for small & medium scale entreprenurs
* To obtain additional color combination, stacks ca be mounted on the unit
* Auxilliary equipments available with - 26 & 36
* Can be integrated and synchronized with other makes & models

STD Folder - Web Offset Machine

Standard Features :

All the folders can produce broad sheet and tabloid newspapers with optional attachments for magazines / quarter fold and double parallel  / direct fold (with cross slitting / perforation) for book production.

Printgraph offers wide choice of folders & folding options.
Folders with production capacity up to 30000 copies per hour, is based on 1:2 principle with additional heavy duty folding drum. It is designed for quick change over from half to quarter page or double parallel fold or 1/8 fold, folder can handle 4-6 webs for production of 16-24 pages of broad sheet newspaper. For double parallel and quarter folds 2-3 webs can be handled.

Web Offset Machine

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4 - Hi

Mono Unit

STD Folder
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